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What Is Event Production?

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer; isn’t event production simply the act of putting together an event? Well, that’s part of it; but only one part. If you’re a newbie to the event industry, you’ll likely hear the following words interchangeably:

  • event planning

  • event management

  • event coordination

  • event production

  • audio visual production

These phrases may sound synonymous with each other, but each sector involved in an event requires a different skill set and personnel. Event planning involves managing the activities leading up to an event, such as selecting a venue and dates, hiring vendors such as caterers, musicians, etc., and making sure everything stays on budget.

Event managers take care of keeping things running smoothly at the actual event. This may include registrations, staff management, and keeping any conflicts that arise at bay. In other words, event planners and coordinators create the roadmap for the event, while event managers take the wheel on event day (or days) and shoulder the responsibility for executing the project.


What Makes Event Production Unique?

When you walk into an event, especially once it has already started, you get a feeling of some kind. If you’re at a concert, you likely feel excitement and anticipation. When you walk into a gala or special event, there’s a good chance you will feel a sense of relaxation and joyful celebration. Whether you realize it or not, a lot of what you’re feeling has to do with the work done by an event production team.

Event production is the artistic execution of sound, lighting, video, and more to control the intended mood and emotion of the attendees. Essentially, event production and audio visual production turns an event into an experience.

An event production team will correspond and collaborate with event planners and coordinators to nail down the concept of the project and plan the technological components and logistics that will go into creating the atmosphere desired by the client.


Essentials Performed by a Production Company

Audio Production

Audio plays such an important role in the experience of most events. An event production company must start by identifying the needs and desires of the event and then go on to make sure the correct speakers and microphones are used in a way that elevates the attendees’ experience. They perform multiple tests and trials ahead of time to ensure that the installed equipment is a well-oiled machine and no audio is compromised on event day.

There are two main types of speakers:

  • Conventional speakers, or point source boxes. As their name suggests, these are basic speakers that are best used for smaller events, such as small meetings, weddings, presentations, etc.

  • Line array speakers, which employ the same basic technology as conventional speakers but are built with a new audio adaptation known as “constructive interference” that allows sound to be projected much farther than conventional speakers. Line array speakers are best suited for big events where the sound needs to carry over large, loud crowds, such as concerts.

Visual Production

Most of us have been to an event where well-intended but poorly arranged videos or slideshows were displayed. It doesn’t take long for attendees to become restless and feel awkward. This is where a pro event production team can really save the day. Whether it’s videos, slideshows, or ongoing graphics that are displayed throughout the duration of the event, an event production company will be responsible for bringing the customer’s vision to life without glitches and interruptions. Optimal quality video and visuals significantly improves the experience for attendees by helping create a unique atmosphere for the occasion.

Customized Lighting

Lighting is another important facet of event production where you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Whatever mood and color palette you are going for, hiring a professional event production company gives you the opportunity to create a truly customized experience with the use of LED lights, moving heads, and practical's all while ensuring that whatever lighting scheme has been built will last the entire duration of your event and help set the mood for any occasion.

Professional Crew

Any event production effort is only as good as its crew of dedicated pros working behind the scenes to carry the event along seamlessly. Crew members understand that even a small trip-up in the equipment can turn an event into a disaster. Crew members should be well versed in quick setups and maintaining quality work while sometimes under strict time restrictions.

Damage Control

Stuff happens. Weather-related power failures, equipment glitches…any number of things can go wrong when technology is involved. A pro event production team has many kinds of redundancy built into their plan. They are able to confront any crisis that should arise in real time to keep the experience running smoothly and eliminate disruptions. The show must go on!


Why Choose Great Lakes Audio Visual?

When you attend an event, you probably don’t even consider any of the things we just discussed. That’s the point! The purpose of an event production company is to enhance the attendees experience while they work stealthily behind the scenes. At Great Lakes Audio visual, our dedicated and experienced staff paired with our top-notch quality equipment enables us to provide outstanding audio-visual solutions to each client. We’re happy to be the unsung heroes of your event, regardless of the size or scope. Learn about the different elements involved in our event production services, and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We strive for lifelong relationships with all of our clients, so let’s get started today!

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